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In June the latest color solar fountains

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1. We have 2 different styles, one with light and one without light, and there are 3 sizes, 13cm in diameter, 16cm in diameter and 18cm in diameter.
Please order products according to your needs.

2. Make sure put enough water in the fountain, so pump can stay underwater completely.
When the water pump is just immersed in the water, because there is air in the water pump, it is recommended to wait for the water pump to spray normally before inserting the nozzle.

3. Solar panels must be completely exposed to the sun,please avoid leaves or shadows blocking the solar panel
This product is a solar direct-drive water pump without an external battery. The height of the water spray depends entirely on the strength of the sun. When the sun is weak, the pump will not work continuously, but will automatically start repeatedly until the sun reaches a certain intensity After that, the pump resumes continuous operation.

4. Please keep the water source clean and clean the water pump regularly to prevent foreign matter from being sucked in by the water pump and causing the water pump to fail to work normally.


-- Item type: Fountain

-- Product size: 13cm/16cm/18cm

-- Solar panel: 1.2W/1.4W single crystal silicon

-- Maximum pump flow: 180L/h

-- Maximum water height: 30-60cm

-- Material: ABS+PE